Musical Harassment In The Blog Space

These are all connected.
Just think about it.
No, really. Think about it. Take the time and really think.
It’s a circle.
A Heart gives Love, Love gives Sex, Sex gives Life, Life gives Music, Music gives Beats, Beats give a Heart it’s purpose.
Music is everywhere. Music is the Beginning and Music is the End.
The Beginning
Music is the first expression created by Life. Because the Beating of the Heart ís Music. This is how the first Music was ‘discovered’. The recreating of the Heart’s Beat.
Music is all around us.
The End
Music is the last expression we give someone when they die. Because the Beating of the Heart will disappear, but all of us give music to our deceased on their journey to their Last Destination.
Music in the form of The Last Wishes, “I want them to play THIS song on my funeral”. Music in the form of a farewell on a viking’s funeral. Drums Beating to take over the Heart’s Music.
And The Angels are singing upon your arrival.
So, yes.
Music ís Life.
And for me, music is very important.
Not a day goes by without music in my heart and in my head.
I whistle while I walk the streets, I sing with my daughter, I play music with my band and I listen to music whenever I can.
These are just a few examples, of how important music is for me.
I have a wide variety of music on my computer, on cd and dvd.
The genres vary from Classical to Blues, from Heavy Metal to Funk, from Jazz to Electronic, from Pop to Emo. And since I have an American, Southern Belle as my fiancée, I am now also into Country 😉
My ears and brain can handle most of the different styles.
Honestly, I wouldn´t have a clue on how to live without music.
So, to give you some examples of my different musical taste and what I am listening to at particular moments, I will share this with you in the form of Post, categorized under, how else could it be: Music.
Next to the music I listen to, I am also letting you in on my more personal musical experiences.
As the lead guitarist of the Dutch Progressive Rock band Synesthesia, I do spend quite some time of rehearsing, writing music and playing live.
We just welcomed a new keyboard player, who we will be getting up to speed as soon as possible and finish our next album “Blood & Voices”.
So, yes.. Not only will this blog be readable, but also listenable. And with some pictures to top this off, it will be even viewable… It seems..
Who knows, I might even turn you, dear reader, into a fan of the music you thought you would never like 🙂
Love Music.

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